Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fishing Log Items

Fishing Trip Log

Lake Fished: County:

Date: 10.09.2009

Time Left:              Mileage to:                Water Temperature:

Time Arrival:


What Fishing For:

Bait Bought:                    Where Bought:

Structures Fished:

Type Fish Caught:      When Caught:     Lbs.       Inches Long:      

Bait Caught On:


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Fishing From Shore Checklist

Fishing from Shore Checklist

Mosquito Repellent
Plastic Bag for Fish
Size limits Regulations
Fishing License
Multitool vise grip
HB Eggs
Fish Pole
Select Lures
Net or Stringer
Jaw Spreader
Plastic bag for fish
Insect repellent
Put small box in fanny pack
Hunting boots “Big Rubber Ones”
Neoprene socks

Fishing From Boat Checklist

Fishing by Boat - Checklist

Remember to Bring Fishing License and Size Limit Regulations

Boat and Motor Specific Fishing Related
Fresh gas and TCW3 2 cycle oil
Fresh Depth Sounder Batteries
Get boat lights and see if work, Fresh  D batteries if needed
Marker buoy
Wooden stick and clamp to hold transducer
Rope to hold motor
Gas Tank and Lemon Line
Life Vests
Anchor and Rope:   If going to a windblown lake consider Dan forth if have room
Food and Drink Related
Cooler with blue freezer  inserts
Hard boiled eggs and put in blue cooler
Water in blue drinking container
Lunch Bars
Other Lunch
Vitamin D & Kidney pills
Colostrum drink in cooler
Beta sistosterol and ZMA
Natokinase and B12
Container with Gatorade

Fishing Tackle Related
String line on Rods: Can have 3 rods?
1.       Casting rod wil have a jig head for soft plastic
2.       Red Rod will have a slip sinker rig
3.       Light spinning rod will have a slip bobber

A leader  for northern pike
Yellow file
Rods and reels
Plastic bag or Bucket for Fish
Jaw Spreaders
Lures and Formula


Second set of Glasses besides polarized and glasses cleaning wipes
Fingernail clippers
Casting reel instructions
Rain coat and all weather Gear
Broad Rimmed Hat
Vented Baseball Redhead Hat

Maps and Navigation aids
Lake Maps

Skeeter repellent
              Fully Charged Yellow Flashlight and Small      Led  Light
               Glasses cleaning swabs
               Microfiber Towel