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The Milwaukee and Wisconsin News: Northern Pike

The Milwaukee and Wisconsin News: Northern Pike: You won't see pictures of famous athletes on my website.  But you will see something from a different sport that is far more beauti...

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Homemade hard baits

... two nights ago I was able to 2nd step carve out some small bait bodies out of wood to use in the Spring but also during the season.  They are hardwood.  The first step was to put a 1/8" hole from end to end inside what would be the center.  I don't remember what the pounds per square inch of the power in a muskies jaw are but I have heard that they can chomp up wood baits.  I also believe that plastic baits without wire from end to end inside will fail on the fish of a lifetime.  I have had bucktail spinner baits of about 43 diameter bent at right angles when hit!!!!  You hold it up in front of you in the boat and just look at it in amazement when you see it; not wanting to comprehend it? *** Then the rough shapes were cut on the band saw.  Then the rough sanding a few times on the stationary belt sander.  Some might need to be band saw split and hollowed for buoyancy.  I will include a photo. (see two attachments.)

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