Monday, February 15, 2010



Quick Release Anchor Knot:

It helps to tie a quick release knot when anchoring frequently and tying off to depth. This knot greatly speeds up lifting and having it ready for the next place allowing you to move from spot to spot quicker.


1. Form a loop from the desired section and run it through your bow eye.

2. Lap the loop under the sections from the anchor and from where you have the end tied off “permanently”.

3. Form another loop or ball from the section of your loop and put that ball in the loop created in step 2.

4. Synch this off tight so that you only have about six inches of loop that you pull to release the knot.

This knot ties quickly and releases easily because the doubled up strand has less friction to pull but enough material to hold fast and tight. It is helpful to keep the sections of rope straight when tying.

Test yours first before relying on it.

I doubt that I am the first one to use this knot, but did think of it myself. If it already has an origin or creator let me know and I will ask for permission and give them a byline.

Thomas Murphy

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