Monday, April 5, 2010

How to Make a French Spinner Introduction

French Spinners 04 05 2010

Before I present you with my much awaited series on how to tie a Musky Buck tail I want to show you how to make an easier spinner. I.e.: A wire spinner without hair. As a fisherman you know that a small difference in lure can make a big difference in fishing. This article will get you started with your own vision of lure engineering and design.

There are basically two steps to making one of these lures pictured above:

1. Selecting the components to place on the wire.

2. Bending and forming the eyelets.

Step One- The easy step

You pick the colors and styles to your own “taste” of choosing. And for those who don’t understand that phrasing this article is not for you, go spend your money on beer at the Regal Beagle and meet a new regret or count your pennies as you sit in mother Bates rocking chair. I usually buy mine from Barlow’s Tackle or Janns Netcraft for ease of selection. A nice store in the Milwaukee area is Reinke Brothers, 3144 W. Greenfield Ave., they are very helpful.

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